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Geometric Pattern Wallpaper 3

Regular price $96.00 CAD
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  • Printed: Full-color digital on a single side (CMYK)
  • Material: Dreamscape Wallpaper
  • Finishing: Cut to size (no bleed or overlap)
  • Supplied: Roll packed

Each panel can be installed butt-jointed together for as wide of a wall as you require.


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    Material Detail

    Dreamscape Classic Smooth

    Smooth, flat look

    Suitable for any image, graphic, design

    Very light texture, smooth surface, medium gloss

    Features Tru-White standard base color

    Self-adhesive and repositionable

    Dreamscape Textured (Suede)

    Has a light stipple surface that can be utilized for nearly any project

    The light texture works well to reduce glare from direct light while adding warmth to the print

    A very popular option for wall murals because the random natural texture does not interfere with any print

    Medium depth texture, rough surface, low gloss

    Features Tru-White standard base color

    Dreamscape Textured (Sandblast)

    Heavier stipple (when compared to dreamscape Suede), with the look and feel of a medium to heavy sandpaperThe bold and deep texture will add character to any design elementHeavy depth texture, rough surface, low glossFeatures Tru-White standard base color

    4. Dreamscape Textured (Plaster)

    Simulates the look of real plaster or stuccoAllows you to give the impression that your artwork was painted directly onto the textured plaster wall surfaceRough grooves mixed with raised flat spots create a pleasing random dispersion of hot spotsVery popular for wall murals in restaurants, bars, and storesHeavy depth texture, rough surface, low and high gloss areasFeatures Tru-White standard base color

    5. Dreamscape Textured (Canvas)

    Replicates the look of utilitarian canvas Woven textureHas a realistic fabric-like appearance that softens details and adds a rough threaded dimensionBesides its most common use in wall murals, canvas has been used in fine art applications and is also a popular texture for indoor banners as the texture looks like a fabricHeavy depth texture, rough surface, low glossFeatures Tru-White standard base color

    6. Dreamscape Terralon (Eco-friendly)

    PVC free alternative wallcovering materialMade from 31% post-consumer recycled contentHas a light texture similar to an orange peel lookMade from 31 percent post-consumer recycled materialsBreathable has extremely low VOCs and can contribute to various LEED credits.Medium depth texture, rough surface, very low glossThe base color is slightly warmer, off white